Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Picture recap of 2016

Here's a few pictures as a recap of the CityFarmin garden in 2016.  Big plans are already underway for 2017 as we have a greenhouse this year.  Seeds orders will be going in soon, even though we have had 108" of snow.  I'm already dreaming of sunny days, warm weather and lots of yummy goodness growing in the garden.  This year I'm embracing my goals of becoming a wanna be minimalist.  I have always felt like I am suffocated by the "stuff" around me but didn't know there was an alternate way of living.  Well this year that is all changing.  Along with things around the garden I'll also be featuring our overhaul of our life, the stuff in it and hopefully the peace and happiness that I find along the way.  I hope to hear of the things you are doing this year.

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