Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A cold and wet kind of day

It has been one of those days today....cold, wet, and miserable!  All I want is to be playing in the garden. Sunshine on my face.  Dirt under my fingernails but alas it is not one of those beautiful days. So I thought I would take a moment and catch you up on what happening on the CityFarm.

A few weeks ago we picked up some more bees.

Here they are. All tucked inside their box for the 2 hr. ride home.  They did great and are adapting well. We are hoping for a very productive year for our bees as they had a head start with the unseasonably nice March weather.

We also just spent some time as a family. Enjoying Easter together.

I hope that you had a special day as you remembered the beautiful and meaningful gift the savior gave each of us.  

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day so I can snap some pictures of all the things growing and put some radish seeds in the ground!!