Friday, August 28, 2009

A Picture Post from the CityFarm

Here are a few pictures of things still growing at the CityFarm.....

Peaches galore.....can't wait for a few more weeks and we will be enjoying many dishes featuring peaches

Apples have also done well this year and should be ready for some applesauce and apple butter in a few weeks

Grapes are finally starting to look big and beautiful!

We have a few pumpkins hiding in the patch :)

Yummy watermelons......hopefully it will taste as good as it looks!

These are just a few of the things still producing here on the CityFarm. I will talk more soon about our second plantings that are going on. We feel like it is so important to maximize the planting time we have. Happy Planting :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Preserving the colors of summer

With such a bountiful harvest in July I am rapidly working on preserving the colors of summer. I love, in the middle of winter, pulling out a jar and being reminded of the wonderful things summer has to offer. The colors, flavor and smells.

So far the CityFarm has preserved Beets, Zucchini, Dill Pickles, Apricot Preserves and Apricot fruit leather........and so much more still coming! What are you preserving to remember this beautiful season?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

July Tally

The official harvesting has begun.....Take a look at our tally for the month. We have truly been blessed to have such a bountiful July. Hopefully August will be even better!

Apricots - 23 lbs 6.0 oz
Beets - 3 lbs 5.90 oz
Carrots - 1.7 oz (pulled one as a test)
Cucumbers - 5 lbs 14.70 oz
Green Beans - 8 lbs 6.50 oz
Zucchini - 118 lbs 8.20 oz
Pattypan Squash - 1 lb 14.50 oz
Peas - 5 lbs 5.50 oz
Peppers - 1.00 oz
Raspberries - 1.30 oz
Red Potatoes - 41 lbs 5.00 oz
Strawberries - 5.60 oz
Tomatoes - 6 lbs 14.00 oz
Turnips - 4 lbs 12.50 oz
Yellow Crookneck Squash - 19 lbs 11.90 oz
Yellow Onions - 6.60 oz
Yellow Straightneck Squash - 41 lbs 2.54 oz
Yukon Gold Potatoes - 15 lbs 7.00 oz

Total Harvest: 297 lbs 2.44 oz

August should provide us with a lot more tomatoes, squash and fruits. Happy Harvesting!!!