Saturday, December 8, 2012

Young Women's Fence Post Plaque

A few posts ago I showed you a card I made as my attempt at getting creative for an event we were having.  Well here is my follow up......the gift I made for the girls at the event.  I cut down an old fence board at about 12".  Then I sanded any rough edges before applying the scrapbook paper and quote.  I inked the edges and then applied a light sprinkling of glitter with the last layer of glue.  After it dried I added the ribbon, flowers, button and hanger.  Now the young women in our ward will have something fun to hang on their wall and be constantly reminded of how we should live our lives.  Hopefully they liked it as much as I liked making it for them.  They are a special group of girls and have touched my heart!

Spice Rack - Supersized

 For years I was trying this and that to find something that worked well for me and my spices.  Nothing worked.  Nothing fit the space, stored enough, and kept my spices fresh.  Until I saw a blog post from Dehydrate2Store about using Mason Jars.  A light bulb click on......this was amazing.  So......above you can see what we now use at our home as a super sized spice rack.  What is nice is that you can make a rack any size to fit your home.  This rack is skinny enough that it goes down a hallway next to our kitchen.  
I love it!
Functional and beautiful!