Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Natural Tilling and Bug Control --Plus Chicken Laws

Do you use a machine to till your garden?   
Or pesticides to kill unwanted pets?   

These are just a few advantages to having chickens.  They naturally till our garden and will eat any unwanted pests....ours especially love ants.....but some local governments want to control who can have these resourceful creatures.

Here are the laws for some areas in UT:

Brigham City, UT.  Definition of domesticated animal includes 'fowls'   Section 4:01.16  defines that the pets can be kept in humane enclosure not larger than 50 cubic feet.  It also states that 'household pets' will be no more than 6 birds. 
Ogden, UT.  It is unlawful for any person to keep any chickens, ducks, pigeons or other fowl in the City limits unless the same are at all times kept confined in proper pens or enclosures. All such pens or enclosures shall be kept in a clean and sanitary condition and shall not be placed or maintained within 75 feet of any dwelling. 
Orem City, UT.  Limit of poultry/fowl: 20 on a lot under one acre, and must be kept 40 ft. from dwelling on same lot or 85 ft. from neighboring dwelling.  Currently you must have at least one acre of property to have any chickens at all, legally. 
Salt Lake City, UT.  You can keep up to 25 chickens (no reference to roosters) with a permit, and the coop must be placed 50 feet from nearby houses.

You can find out more about different cities/states at the following website:

As a City Council Member I know the importance of the opinion of the residents I serve.  If you don't like your city's current regulations contact your City and ask to speak at the next City Council Meeting.  Then go and start collecting support from others in your city that want the same right to become self sufficient.  Have them come to the meeting as well or collect signatures.  The more support you have the better the chance to get it changed.  Also contact the media.  City Chickens have been hot topics in our local news......put some pressure on your council by having the media present.  Plus you must remember to be persistent.  With most government issues it will most likely not change quickly but don't give up!!  Let me know how it is going in your area!

Below is a video of what you can run into when trying to find out about or change city regulations   :)

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