Saturday, February 27, 2010

Growing like crazy!

There is something amazing in watching plants grow. You really find an appreciation for what you eat. To watch it go from a little seed, to a small plant, to beautiful flowers, to amazing veggies. We have already started so many of our plants so I thought I would show you how it is going. We are currently growing tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, herbs, strawberries and more. Let me know how your planting is going.


  1. Oh man!! Your weeks ahead of me! I'm just now getting sprouts popping. Looking good.

  2. love your seedlings, Sara. You are inspiring the Hardy bunch to have a great garden this year. Keep on postin'

  3. @P - Thanks for the comment. I am starting our tomato sprouts for this year soon. Hope you have a successful growing season in 2011. I will be watching your blog!

    @Brenda- Thank you so much! You all are amazing! Thanks for checking out the blog......hopefully we will each have an amazing 2011 growing and canning season!