Thursday, March 2, 2017

A wrestling match that comes down to the last second

So let me put out this now....this has nothing to do with homesteading, prepping, gardening, minimalism, or anything like has everything to do with me being one proud mama.  Last week I had the pleasure of watching one of my sons compete at the Idaho State Wrestling Tournament.  This is his second year to go and as a sophomore we expected an improvement from last year but he did more than just improve.  He finished 6th in the 2A division in the state of Idaho for his weight class.  If there is one thing that I try to teach my kids it's that it doesn't matter how it finishes but you have to give it everything you have, always.  In life sometimes you win and sometimes you loose but as long as you do everything you can you will look back with no regrets.  This is what I hope they always remember.......and on this day he did.  He fought until the very last second....and in this match it was that second that mattered the most.  The VERY LAST ONE.  Click the link below if you would like to watch and share in my joy with me.

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