Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Our future garden site

Just wanted to post a before picture of our future garden site and the pile of wood chips that we acquired (thanks to some awesome neighbors) that we will use in our garden with the Back to Eden method.  (You can read more about that below)  Since we are starting from scratch it will be a lot of work this year but I know it is worth every tear, pain, and bead of sweat.  What I am excited to see is how many pounds of food we can produce with a first year garden.  What is your guess????  I will be giving a prize to the person that has the closest leave yours below.  

How are your garden plans coming?

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  1. If you want some great ideas my parents have done from a garden from scratch organic, i don't if its the back to eden way. But my parents love that book. My dad has learned some awesome things on watering, tomatoes, best ways to fertilize organically i know they have learned some things the hard way. But this year the garden was phenomenal! Tallest fastest corn in the valley. It was awesome im sure they would sit down and share there ideas. They are very health, herb oriented. Give me a call if you want 6043289to they live in georgetown. Marie