Friday, April 8, 2011

A 3 Month Challenge

Have you ever wondered what it would really take to live off your food storage?  
Well my family is going to put it to the test.  We are going to live April-June without going to the grocery store.  I will be recording our meals.  What we haven't stored enough of and what we really didn't need to store.  I hope that this helps take the mystery out of food storage.  

So here are the details:

April-June -- No Grocery Shopping
The Family -- 2 adults
                       4 kids - 13, 10, 8, and 4 months
The Pets --  11 Chickens
                    3 Cats
                    2 Bunnies
Exceptions --  

  1. We will enjoy produce from our garden and from the farmers market because that will still be available even in an emergency situation
  2. We will also barter for items needed from things we can produce (eggs, etc.)
  3. We will also continue to have a budget for dining out for date nights.....those are really important!  :)

So here we go on this amazing adventure......I would love any comments or questions.

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