Monday, June 15, 2009

Life 101

My life has been an interesting learning experience in many ways. All of those things that I have learned have lead me to create this blog and journal my experiences because I believe that we can all touch another life and hopefully help another in their journey we call life.

My desire is to simplify. My life, my home, my everything! In the last few years I have seen the many changes and terrible things that are taking place in our world and I hope that by becoming more self-sufficient I can prepare my children to tackle things that I was unprepared for. When I had my first child at 16 and moved out of the house I didn't even know how to scramble eggs. I was a cooking mess but, through a patient husband, I experimented until I was creative in the kitchen. Now I am having all of those uneasy feelings again as I learn how to cook from scratch and from my garden only.

Join me on this journey as I work on growing a garden, growing some chickens, homeschooling my children, sewing our own clothing, cooking from scratch and trying to live the life of the modern pioneer.

I would love you hear from you about your journey as well!!!

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